Sunday, 1 June 2008

Upcoming Changes to JZKit Configuration

JZSome sunday musings on the Configuration mechanism in the jzkit_Service module...

the JZKit_service module is the glue module that pulls together all the other components into a federated meta search component capable of resolving internal collection and landscape names into a list of external z39.50/sru/srw/opensearch/SOLR/JDBC/etc/etc services and broadcasting a search to those services, integrating the results and providing a unified result set.

This gives rise to a problem: For solutions like the previous Z39.50/SOLR bridge, we want a simple XML config file that a user can hack once, then leave. For more complicated applications, we need a real relational database behind the app to manage the complex config that goes along with large information network archtectures.

Here's the rub: JZKit carries with it a very detailed service registry. It's purpose isnt like the JISC IESR to be a registry in it's own right, but to support the search process. More and more, there is a need to make the JZKit service registry searchable in it's own right (As a Z39.50 Explain database, or as an SRU Explain collection / ZeeRex records).

This has been bothering me for a while, yet the answer has pretty much been staring me in the face all along. So, here's what I'm considering for the final release of JZKit3:

1. The current "InMemoryConfig" which is loaded from XML config files will be deprecated.

2. It will be replaced by an in-memory derby database, essentially just the current database backed config mechanism, but with an in-memory database.

3. The XML config files will be left intact, but considered to be a "BootStrap" mechanism. At startup, JZKit will scan the config files and update/create any entries in the configuration database.

Thus, the "In-Memory" config will remain as before, but instead of being held in hashmaps the data will be inside a derby database. This means we can now define first and foremost a JDBC backed datasource for the explain database and make it searchable even for static content.

--> Free explain service for any JZKit shared collections.


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