Thursday, 6 November 2008

Catching up with sprints and progress

Been a while since I posted, alas blogging not uber high on my GTD list, so often gets pushed back... However, I thought it might be fun to share some of the work we're doing in the lexaurus vocabulary editor in relation to SKOS vocabularies. Rob Tice has sent me some screenshots of lexaurus ingesting the SKOS vocabulary for agriculture, here's the results

Here in image one there's the post ingest status report saying that 28954 terms have been imported in 269 seconds. As a part of the SKOS import we have to do a fair few cross references and referential lookups, so the performance isn't quite as blistering as the ZThes import, still pretty good tho.

Here's some more screenies showing the label nodes and editing pages in different languages. The data is held in the lexaurus canonical schema, so it can go out as ZThes or SKOK or whatever else we need.

More to follow, but I thought these interesting to put up now, just to stimulate discussion.

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